Social Licence

Larus respects that its long-term future relies on its ‘social licence’ to operate. This means that the majority of the community remains supportive of the company’s projects once aware of the economic and employment the projects will provide.

While the concept of a social licence is not new, it has come under increasing scrutiny in the last decade as the resources industry has expanded to meet global demands.

Larus believes it has a proven social licence and places a premium value on maintaining its social licence to operate. In order to do so, the company promotes the pro-active steps that it is taking to address impacts on the environment and local communities, and works with those communities and government to address concerns as they arise.

The company’s ability to operate successfully on a sustainable basis is only possible with the acceptance of local communities and government and the formation of strong mutually beneficial relationships.

Enhancing our social licence to operate requires Larus to:

  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Protect the environment
  • Keep Larus workers and the community safe
  • Employ local people and help to improve the lives of local communities, focusing on community development projects that meet local needs and generate shared value
  • Monitor the impact of the company’s activities on local communities

The objective is to ensure the responsible long-term development of Larus projects in a manner that is accepted and supported by the wide community.