Environment Policy

Larus Energy Limited and all of its related bodies corporate (“Larus”) are committed to sustainable management and conservation of the environment throughout its operations. We recognize that our activities have an effect on the environment and are therefore committed to pursuing an environmental policy that will ensure minimum impact to the environment and our stakeholders.

To fulfill these objectives the Board and management of Larus will provide leadership and support to ensure that Larus will as a minimum:

  • Continually improve the Environmental Management System to ensure that it is appropriate and effective for helping Larus to achieve its environmental goals;
  • Commit to and comply with relevant environmental management plans for each activity as required by the appropriate Regulating Authority;
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and other requirements;
  • Provide appropriate resources given the nature of the company, to achieve our objectives, including staff training and creating an environment that encourages sustainability;
  • Ensure that incidents, near misses, concerns and complaints are reported adequately, investigated and appropriate procedures implemented;
  • Reduce energy and resource consumption;
  • Inform all employees and contractors of their environmental responsibilities including consultation and distribution of appropriate environmental management guidelines, regulations and publications for all relevant activities;
  • Communicate openly about our policy to our contractors and our stakeholders.

Larus maintains an Environmental Management System to improve its environmental management and reduce the environmental impact of its operations.

All employees of Larus share responsibility for the implementation of this Policy and to ensure the best environmental outcomes.

This Policy will be reviewed at least every two years to ensure its continued suitability.