Consultation Activities

Larus recognises the importance of long-term and meaningful relationships and developing the ability to contribute positively and creatively to the growth and development of the communities where we operate. Engaging with our stakeholders is fundamental to maintaining our social licence to operate.

We seek to understand and manage the impacts we may have on communities and the environment and are committed to positive and proactive engagement and consultation to give community stakeholders the opportunity to comment on our activities.

Working collaboratively with local people, organisations and governments to create sustainable outcomes is both a responsibility and a core value of our operations. The goodwill and support of these communities and groups is essential for our success. Through a mutual exchange of advice, information and skills, we are working towards ensuring community livelihoods will thrive beyond the conclusion of our projects.

We also recognise that other stakeholders who are not directly affected by our activities may have an interest in our activities and their potential impacts.